Expand Your World

Talk & Text to 90+ Countries

Family, friends and business associates throughout the world? Let Colt Wireless connect you to all of them. Colt Wireless' unlimited talk, text and data from the U.S. to 90+ countries will never leave you feeling out of touch.

Network Compatibility

Running on one of the world's largest 5G network, Colt Wireless won't leave you hanging. We know the frustration of lost calls, limited or slow data access or poor reception. With Colt Wireless, you'll be riding the fast lane of connectivity.


High-Speed Data

Colt Wireless has plenty of options for high-speed data. Whether you need a little or alot, Colt has you covered. With Colt's flexibility, use your allotted high-speed data the way you want – You can choose to use your high-speed data on either your phone or as a hotspot or a combination of the two. You’re no longer limited on how you choose to stay connected on one of the world’s fastest 5G network.

Extensive Coverage

Have you checked out our coverage map? At the top of the page there's a link where you can check out what your coverage will be. Now this coverage map doesn't just tell you about your city. Go ahead and put in your home address and you'll see Colt has you covered!

Roaming Convenience

Hitting the road for your next adventure in the states? Not only will Colt have you covered for that trip, we won't hit you with a roaming fee. Colt is prepaid freedom and we won't nickel and dime you like the big guys!



Colt Wireless 3-in-1 triple-cut SIM to standard, micro, and nano sizes will fit your factory-unlocked, GSM-unlocked or T-Mobile compatible phone. Looking to get up and running in today? So long as your device can take an eSIM, Colt Wireless has got you covered.

Easy Activation

With fast do-it-yourself activation, you will be connected with family and friends in no time. Whether you wish to get a new phone number or port in your current phone number (Colt Wireless to Colt Wireless port-ins are not allowed), In most cases, your Colt Wireless data settings will automatically configure after activation. No contracts, no surprise charges. A unique (not previously used with Colt Wireless) IMEI and order number is required for activation.

Customer Support

Have you tried to get an anwer from the big guys about a charge on your bill? Yeah, that's not happening with us. With Colt Wireless, you know EXACTLY what you're going to pay every month. Also, on the rare occassion where you have service issues, Colt has you covered there too- Seven days a week!


Physical and eSIMs

Whether you have a device that only supports physical SIMs or one that only supports eSIMs or BOTH, Colt Wireless has you covered and we won't make you jump through hoops to get you into the fast-lane of connectivity.

Device Compatibility

Colt Wireless knows that folks don't want to change devices just to ensure service, we made sure that our networks can handle the vast majority of devices in the market today. Just make sure your device is unlocked and not tied to your previous carrier.

Check out our plans now, get started and ride into the fast lane of connectivity.

Get Started
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Activate in 3, 2, 1

1. Prepare SIM card and Device

Follow the instructions to activate your 3 in 1 or eSIM based plan.

2. Insert and Activate SIM card

For 3 in 1 (Physical) SIMs:

- Shut down the device
- Insert the SIM
- Power the device on

For eSIMs, follow the instructions you were provided with your confirmation email.

3. Confirmation of Success

Boom! Just like that, you're riding the fast lane of connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions


No - While we'd love to have you as a customer for eternity, we understand that life circumstances change. With Colt Wireless, you have the freedom to cancel at any time.


Yes, just submit the activation request form on our site. The forms for both new number and port-in activations are located under the "Activate Your Plan" link at the top of our page.


Yes - So long as there is no restrictions from your current carrier (for example you entered into a two year contract with your current carrier for a new device), we're happy to port in your phone number and have you join our Colt Wireless family.


Yes - Not only do all plans come with a hotspot, with Colt Wirelesss, you have the flexibility to use your high-speed data the way you want. Use your allotted high-speed data on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. and spread the data among all your devices if you so choose.


Check the coverage map by clicking on the "Coverage" link at the top of our page to verify service in your area. Please be aware that outside factors like terrain, building structures, weather, and other conditions may also interfere with the actual service available.


No - While the SIM / plan includes calls, text and data that originate from the U.S. to call / text a variety of countries, the plandoes not include service where the call, text or data originates outside the states.

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If you have any questions or comments for us, fill out the form below with all of your details and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.