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Colt Wireless

Prepaid Plans

Prepaid Plans

Choose your preferred High-Speed Data Amount and Duration to customize a plan that's perfect for you!

Here’s why you’ll love Colt Wireless:
  • Activation is a breeze. Simple instructions are provided to activate your plan with no hassle for you.
  • Say goodbye to contracts and surprise charges. No more commitments to big carriers.
Colt Wireless has talk, text, and data when and where you need it with:
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text and Data with varying plan allotments for 4G LTE / 5G High-Speed Data. Stay covered across the country with lightning-fast 4G LTE/5G Data on one of the largest nationwide networks!
  • International Talk & Text: Talk to friends and family in 90+ countries and text to the world! International calling from the USA to other countries is available (but won’t work if you’re not in the USA).
  • 3-in-1 SIM Card: Colt Wireless is compatible with most unlocked phones and each SIM card comes with a Standard, Micro, and Nano size to fit your device.

*Promotional Listing for New Customers Only (Not for Renewals)

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Why Colt Wireless?

With Colt Wireless’ flexibility, use your allotted high-speed data the way you want – You can choose to use your high-speed data on either your phone or as a hotspot or a combination of the two. With Colt Wireless, you’re no longer limited on how you choose to stay connected on one of the world’s fastest 5G network. Stay connected with family, friends, & business associates with unlimited talk and text domestically and to 90+ countries around the world - All calls, texts, and data usage, must originate in the U.S.

Running on one of the world’s largest 5G networks, you can trust Colt Wireless when you need reliable and fast service.

Please activate your SIM within 30 days of ordering only through the activation instruction that is included in your package. As part of our activation process, we must be provided a unique (not previously registered to Colt Wireless), GSM or Factory unlocked IMEI. The SIM that we activate must remain in the phone and subsequent SIM swaps to a non previously activated IMEI phone may result in loss of service and you will not be refunded for your purchase. Plan benefits subject to change without notice.

Device Compatibility

Colt Wireless knows that folks don't want to change devices just to ensure service, we made sure that our networks can handle the vast majority of devices in the market today. Just make sure your device is unlocked and not tied to your previous carrier.

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Activate in 3, 2, 1

1. Prepare SIM card and Device

Follow the instructions to activate your 3 in 1 Multi SIM or eSIM based plan.

2. Insert and Activate SIM card

For our 3 in 1 (Physical) Multi SIMs:

- Shut down the device
- Insert the SIM
- Power the device on

For eSIMs, follow the instructions you were provided in your confirmation email.

3. Confirmation of Success

Boom! Just like that, you're riding the fast lane of connectivity.